Vision and Values

New Hope Churches (previously Nokia Missio Church) exists so that there would emerge a communion, would happen change and begin growth. Best this happens in a dynamic, warm nearby congregation.
We want that in our congregation everyone can experience a connection with God. We will do everything that the church wouldbe such an environment for such encounter. In particular, we focus on those who do not yet know Jesus. Dynamic worship music, prayer, and teaching the Word are the keys to connection. We want to actively build a connection to other believers as well as tothe society surrounding us.

Encounter with God always makes one to change. The biggest change comes when we recognize that without God we arecompletely lost and on your way to damnation, and confess that the only way to be saved is to accept God’s plan of salvation: faith in Jesus as he is the redeemer from our sins. This change can not be ignored. It affects our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.The change starts on the individual level, but it can transform entire society.


We encourage and help each one to grow and be strong in their faith. Faith in God is not a doctrine, but a two-way relationshipbetween God and man. We believe that God has a special plan for each one. Finding that plan gives our lives a true meaning.God gives also the power to realize that plan.